So I guess I don't have enough things going on in my life, I had to take on a new challenge right? ;) If I didn't, then it wouldn't be me! I have heard about this project many times, and I started it in my head, but now it's time to put it in form I am formally joining the 365 project. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's a photo project where you take one picture a day, for 365 days. It's a great way to look back at your year in review, so I thought it deserved a blog of it's own.... But I couldn't leave well enough alone, nooo, not me. I decided I am adding a twist to my project ;) I am going to choose different themes and activities to make it fun.
C'mon, join in, all the cool kids are doing it, lol lol.
Leave me a msg and I will link up your blog so we can all support each other, and put each other's links up as well ;) tell your friends, the more the merrier ;)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 15, 2010

I didn't take a picture, but this is EXACTLY how I felt today, lol......


  1. That's hilarious! I hope you're feeling better now though.

  2. Except for the military part, and also the hugging part, I feel like this all the time. So really, I guess I just always wish people would by me liquor. Mmmmm, liquor.

  3. Just found you at Teresa's Project 365. Count me in! I will link you up on my blog. Wheee!

  4. Oh, here is my link to my Project 365 blog: